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Meet Sophie the Crochet Musketeer. Girl Power!

A Female Musketeer

For all the girls, both young and old, that love The Three Musketeers.For those who enjoy imagining adventure, intrigue, death defying sword fights, swash buckling fun and eternal friendships! what’s not to love?

“All for one and one for all!”

Crochet Three Musketeers by Suzy Dias

Meet Sophie the Musketeer

As I was making all of these cute Musketeers, my daughter loved them. I was thrilled. If my kids don’t want to play with them, I can’t expect anyone else to.

Then, with a huge smile on her lovely little face she asked me, “Where’s the girl?”
My response? “She’s coming up next.” And so, Sophie the Musketeer (Sophie la Mousquetaire) was born. I think she’s a great addition to a fantastic group of characters.

Meet the other Crochet Musketeers

Meet the rest of my crochet  Musketeer family! Every one is available in our 7Robots Shop. Each Musketeer is handmade with love and supreme attention to detail.