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Plants vs Zombies Snow Pea ☆FREE Pattern☆


Easy Peasy Plants vs Zombies Snow Pea

I created this amigurumi for my son's birthday. As I often do, I went to Ravelry for ideas. I found a great free pattern by Kate Wilson (click here), but I made quite a few changes. So, I thought I'd make my pattern available for FREE as well. I hope you like it.

For more on the story, you can visit my Blog post (click here).

PDF with Photo Instructions

FREE PDF with photos (click here) -or- download the PDF from my Ravelry store (click here).

• Height: 17 cm / 6.7”
• Yarn: DK / Light Worsted Weight
• Yarn colors: Light blue, green and black
• Hook: 3 mm (C-2 or D-3)
• Yarn needle and a sewing needing
• Black felt for eyes
• Black and white thread
• 1 wooden dowel (or a wooden chop stick), cut to about 9.5 cm / 3.5”

Abbreviations: R – Round, MR – magic ring, ST/STS – stitch/stitches, SC – single crochet, INC – 2 single crochets (SC) in the same stitch, INVDEC – invisible decrease, EVEN – SC 1 in each ST around (the stitch count remains the same).

Snow Pea Head (light blue)
– Start at the back of the head, then decrease and then increase again to form the “cannon” shooter/mouth part.
R1. MR, SC8 (8)
R2. INC around (16)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (24)
R4. INC, SC 2 around (32)
R5. INC, SC 3 around (40)
R6 – 18. EVEN (40)
R19. INVDEC, SC 8 around (36)
R20. INVDEC, SC 7 around (32)
R21. INVDEC, SC 6 around (28)
R22. INVDEC, SC 5 around (24)
R23. INVDEC, SC 4 around (20)
R24. EVEN (20)
– Add stuffing now.
R25. INVDEC, SC 3 around (16)
R26 – 27. EVEN (16)
– Add more stuffing so it’s firm. The “mouth stopper” will go between R26 and R28. INC, SC 2 (24)
R29. INC, SC 3 around (32)
R30. INC, SC 4 around (40)
R31 – 32. EVEN around (40)
– F/O and hide tail.

*TIP*  Do not cut the yarn on the Snow Pea Head (or leave a long tail). First, make one blue ball (snow pea). Next, see how it fits inside the mouth. Using the yarn tail, you an add more rounds if necessary. The ball (snow pea) should sit inside the mouth without falling out. If you squeeze the back of the mouth, the ball shoots out.

Mouth Stopper (black)
– This is the black “stopper” (for lack of a better word) that keeps all the stuffing in the head.
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
R2. INC around (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (18)
– F/O and leave very short tail.

To sew on, fold back the “cannon” shooter/mouth part to around R26. Use white thread to sew it in place, trying your best to hide your stitches. I placed it at the end of the head so there’s room for the spheres/snow peas to sit in the mouth.

Spheres/Snow Peas (light blue)
– Make as many as you like for the Snow Pea to shoot. Verify that the size of your sphere sits well inside the mouth.
R1. MR, SC8 (6)
R2. INC around (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4. INC, SC 2 around (24)
R5. INC, SC 3 around (30)
R6. INC, SC 4 around (26)
R7 – 13. EVEN (36)
R14. INVDEC, SC 4 around (30)
R15. INVDEC, SC 3 around (24)
R16. INVDEC, SC 2 around (18)
– Generously stuff.
R17. INVDEC, SC 1 around (12)
– If there’s room, add more stuffing.
R18: [INVDEC, SC 1] around (12)
R19: INVDEC around (6).
– Finish off and hide tail by burying it in the body.

Receptacle (light blue)
– This will sit at the bottom of the head where the stem attaches.
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
– Don’t tighten the circle since later you will push the dowel (chopstick) up through it and into the head.
R2. INC around (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4. INC, SC 2 around (24)
– F/O and leave a long tail to sew to the head.

Stem (green)
– The wooden dowel (or chop stick) will be taller than the final stem. The opening (where you put the dowel) is at the top.
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
R2. INC around (12)
R3. BLO EVEN (12)
R4. – 20. EVEN (12)
– F/O and leave a long tail for sewing to the “Receptacle” at the base of the head.

Spikes Large x 4 (light blue)
R1. MR, SC 4 (4)
R2. SC, INC around (6)
R3. SC 2, INC around (8)
R4. SC 3, INC around (10)
R5. SC 4, INC around (12)
R6. SC 5, INC around (14)
R7. SC 6, INC around (16)
R8. SC 7, INC around (18)
R9 – 11. EVEN (18)
R12. SC 7, INVDEC around (16)

Spikes Small x 4 (light blue)
R1. MR, SC 4 (4)
R2. SC, INC around (6)
R3. SC 2, INC around (8)
R4. SC 3, INC around (10)
R5. SC 4, INC around (12)
R6 – 8. EVEN (12)
R9. SC 4, INVDEC around (10)

Leaves x 4 (green)
– These are directly from Kate Wilson’s free pattern (click here). You start from the back of the leaf and work towards the front point.
– Leave a long tail at the beginning to sew to the stem and create the shape of the leaves.
R1. MR, SC 8 (8)
R2. INC around (16)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (24)
R4. INC, SC 2 around (32)
R5. INC, SC 3 around (40)
R6 – 9. EVEN (40)
R10. INVDEC, SC 8 around (36)
R11. INVDEC, SC 7 around (32)
R12. INVDEC, SC 6 around (28)
R13. INVDEC, SC 5 around (24)
R14. INVDEC, SC 4 around (20)
R15. EVEN (20)
R16. INVDEC, SC 3 around (16)
– Add stuffing now.
R17. EVEN (16)
R18. INVDEC, SC 2 around (12)
R19. EVEN (12)
R20. INVDEC, SC 2 around (9)
R21. INVDEC, SC 1 around (6)
R22. INVDEC around around (3)
– F/O and hide tail tail.

Pinched Leaf Effect
Idea from Kate’s pattern: The leaves don’t yet have the “pinched” affect. Pinch the top of one (you can also pin in place) and sew it to create a pinched effect. Repeat this for all four leaves.


Pin your spikes in place. Sew them on so the spikes are not flattened nor stuffed. Puff out each spike before you sew it on and pin it in place so bottom is circular (not flat). There’s basically three rounds of spikes:
(1) Sew one small spike to the center of your original magic ring (MR).
(2) Add four large spikes around the small center spike – one above, one below, one to the right, and one to the left.
(3) Sew on the remaining three small spikes in front of, but in between the large spikes (like laying bricks).

1. Cut your wooden dowel (or a wooden chop stick) to about 9.5 cm / 3.5” and place it into the stem. The dowel should be taller. If not, you can undo 2 or 3 rounds.
2. Now it’s time to secure the dowel to the head.
– Push the dowel through the center of the light blue receptacle’s magic ring (MR).
– Find the center-bottom of the head and push the dowel through a space in your stitches.
3. Once it looks like everything’s in the right place and the head doesn’t flop around, use the tail from the receptacle to sew it to the head VERY SECURELY. I did this a number of times.
4. Using the tail from the stem, sew the stem to the receptacle. Again, make it extremely secure by sewing around a number of times.

1. Tie 2 a pair of leaves together with a knot. Tie the other pair together too. Set those aside for now.
2. Place the stem on top of the knot so it sits firmly between the two leaves.
3. Using the tail from a leaf (or two), sew the stem securely to the leaves, going back and forth between all three pieces. Once done, hide the remaining tails from both leaves.
4. Put the stem and leaves you just sewed together and place them inside the other pair of leaves, creating an “x” pattern. Sew the new pair to everything else (repeat step 3).

1. Cut oval shapes from black felt. Mine were 2 cm tall x 1.5 cm wide.
2. Use white thread to sew a circle shape in the upper left hand side.
3. Use black thread to sew it onto the head.

★ To download the PDF with photos, click here.

Helpful videos for beginners

– Magic Ring:
– Sphere/Ball:


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