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Cat with Bendable Tail & Big Paws ☆FREE Pattern☆


I’m sharing my very first crochet pattern, so I hope it’s easy to follow. I started to crochet in 2015 and this is my second toy, so I’m sure yours will look even better! This little kitten stands up perfectly on her oversized feet.

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★ Scroll down for the written pattern.
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Watch the Step by Step Tutorial

Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial

• Height: 9.5” (24 cm)
• Yarn: Medium or worsted weight yarn
• Hook: 5mm (size H) or 5.5mm (size I)
• Thread: Black, white and/or yellow
• Yarn Needle
• Eyes: 12mm safety buttons

Abbreviations: R – Round, MR – magic ring, ST/STS – stitch/stitches, SC – single crochet, INC – 2 single crochets in the same stitch, INVDEC – invisible decrease, SC2TOG – single crochet 2 stitches together, F/O – fasten off and secure the yarn

R1: MR, SC 6 (6)
R2: INC in each ST around (12)
R3: INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4: INC, SC 2 around (24)
R5: INC, SC 3 around (30)
R6: INC, SC 4 around (36)
R7-13: SC around (36)
R14: INVDEC, SC 4 around (30)
R15: INVDEC, SC 3 around (24)
– Add the eyes between R9 and R10.
– Use a yarn needle and black yarn to create a triangle nose (R11) and add the smile.
R16: INVDEC, SC 2 around (18)
– Generously stuff the head.
R17: INVDEC, SC 1 around (12)
– If there’s room, add more stuffing.
R18: INVDEC around (6).
– F/O and leave a tail for sewing to the body.

R1: MR, SC 6 (6)
R2: INC in each ST around (12)
R3: INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4: INC, SC 2 around (24)
R5: INC, SC 3 around (30)
R6: INC, SC 4 around (36)
R7: INC, SC 5 around (42)
R8-R13: SC around (42)
– You’ll notice this pattern calls for fewer rounds than in a normal sphere pattern so you produce a flat/slightly oval shape and not a perfect sphere.
R14: INVDEC, SC 5 around (36)
R15: INVDEC, SC 4 around (30)
– You can add some stuffing now if you wish.
R16: INVDEC, SC 3 around (24)
R17: INVDEC, SC 2 around (18)
– Stuff so it’s firm.
R18: INVDEC, SC 1 around (12)
R19: INVDEC around (6)
– F/O and weave in ends to hide them.

PAWS AND LEGS (make 4)
R1: MR, SC 6 (6)
R2: INC in each ST around (12)
R3: INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4: INC, SC 2 around (24)
R5: INC, SC 3 around (30)
R6: SC2TOG 12 times, then SC 6 (18)
R7: SC2TOG 4 times, then SC 10 (14). This creates distinct ‘toes’.
R8-R12: SC 1 around (14)
– F/O and leave a tail for sewing to the body. Do this for each leg.
**Pin the legs in place before sewing them in place.

EARS (make 2)
R1: MR, SC 6 (6)
R2: INC, SC 2 around (8)
R3: INC, SC 3 around (10)
R4: INC, SC 4 around (12)
R5: SC around (12)
– Use a yarn needle to weave pink yarn into a triangle shape for the inside of the ear.
– Do not stuff the ears.

R1: Pink Yarn. MR, SC 6 (6)
R2: INC in each ST around (12)
R3-R8: SC around (12)
R9: Switch to purple yarn. SC around (12)
R10-R20: SC around (12)
R21-32: Switch to off-white yarn (body color). SC around (12).
– F/O and leave tail for sewing to the body.

Tips for Stuffing the Tail:
– Add a pipe cleaner to the tail so it can both stay up straight and bend.
– Before inserting the pipe cleaner, bend it in half, then hook the end with the bend around 2 or 3 stitches on the cat’s back-side (where the tail attaches to the body). Insert the other end of the pipe cleaner, with the 2 loose ends, into the tail. It’s a bit awkward, but you can use a pencil to push down all the stuffing until the tail is stiff and can bend. Then sew the tail to the body.

Here are a few videos that you may find helpful:
– Magic Ring:
– Crochet ball:
– Alternative way to create toes by Sharon Ojala. Forward to (46:40) in the video:


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