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Monkey King Crochet


Introducing crochet Monkey King! Wolf Boy & the Magical Warriors is our all-ages comic series. Since I love making comics and crochet, I decided to DIY my own comic toys in a chibi style!

About Our Monkey King

Monkey King was born from a rock thousands of years ago and became a mighty warrior, a wizard, a jokster, a fun loving trouble maker… I guess he’s whatever he wants to be. Monkey is extremely curious, crafty, strong and has the worst memory in the history of the world. He loves adventure, is easily bored, is a great friend, and did we mention he’s forgetful? Monkey can transform into anything, he can multiply himself, fly on clouds, and has a magic staff that he shrinks and hides behind his ear. He admires Wolf Boy’s pure heart and decides to join his quest to be a hero. Plus, he had nothing better to do.

About the FREE Comic

Read this all ages comedy for FREE on WEBTOON! Monkey King joins his friends Wolf Boy and Tessi the Amazon as they wander through the ancient world, hijinks, magic and high-flying adventure weave their way through every volume. Only a few people alive today know that most epic disasters in history were caused by these three buffoons. To read more about the Monkey King and check out a sneak peek of the comic, click here. 

Legend and Literature

Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a mythological figure featured in many Chinese and Asian legends. Most notable of these isJourney to the West (西游记), a Chinese novel published in the 16th century and attributed to Wu Cheng’en.

In stock

• Handmade original design by Suzy Dias
• Colors: Brown, beige, red, yellow
• Height: 13 cm / 5.12″
• Yarn: 100% Cotton, cotton/bamboo for tunic and yellow accessories
• Materials: Plastic safety eyes, and stuffing
**Please note that small variations in appearance may occur since each handmade item is one of a kind. That being said, I always do my best to make every piece look the same.


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