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Monster Heads featuring The Mummy ☆FREE Pattern☆


Crochet Mummy Monster Head!

No need to get wound up, wondering how to create monster toys. This simple and easy free pattern is great for Halloween or just for a fiendishly fun time. This little King Tut wraps up well for any spooky cool classic monster fan! You can turn your own crochet Mummy head into a key chain, ornament, bag charm, bunting, or sit this little undead head on your desk or dresser.

Want the finished toy instead?

If you’re interested in buying the finished toy, the Crochet Monster Heads featuring 5 classic monsters are coming soon! Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, Wolf Man and a Zombie… AAAAAH! Click here to contact me.

Free Pattern Options

★ Scroll down for the free written pattern.

★ Download the FREE PDF with photo instructions.

★ Download from my Ravelry store: Suzy Dias Designs (click here).

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★NOTE: For instructions with photos, please download the free PDF.

• Height: 6 cm
• Hook: 3 mm
• Eyes: 8 mm safety buttons
• Yarn Needle
• Embroidery floss: black
• Colors: White and off-white
• Yarn weight: light (US), DK (UK), or Light Worsted (any yarn that works with a 3 mm hook)
• White thread & a sewing needle

Abbreviations: R – Round, MR – magic ring, ST/STS – stitch/stitches, SC – single crochet, INC – 2 single crochets (SC) in the same stitch, INVDEC – invisible decrease, the stitch count appears in parentheses “()” at the end of each round.

HEAD (white)
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
R2. INC around (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 around (18)
R4. INC, SC 2 around (24)
R5. INC, SC 3 around (30)
R6. INC, SC 4 around (36)
R7-12. SC around (36)
Add eyes between R7 and R8, 6 visible sts apart.
R13. INVDEC, SC 4 around (30)
R14. INVDEC, SC 3 around (24)
R15. INVDEC, SC 2 around (18)
R16. INVDEC, SC 1 around (12)
R17. INVDEC around (6)
– SLST and leave a very long tail. Close opening from R17 and continue with creating the wrappings.

*TIP: Leave a tail at the beginning and end of both chains. It makes it easier to hide the ends in the head when you’re done.
1. CH 200 (using the white tail from R17). Leave this for now.
2. Using off-white yarn, CH 200.
3. Attach one end of the off-white chain to the head.
4. Get your needle and white thread ready. Begin to wrap the long chain randomly around the head. Sew in place as you go with the needle and thread. Be careful not to cover the eyes. When you’re done, hide the heads.
*TIP: I brought my end tail back through the same stitch as my starting tail, knotted them, threaded both ends through my yarn needle and buried then in the head to secure and hide the tails.
5. Take your white chain and repeat step 4. Hide the tail in the head.

Et voilà! You’re all done.

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