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Taco Kawaii Keychain ☆FREE Pattern☆


Crochet Taco Kawaii Keychain

Let’s tac-o ’bout how awesome amigurumi food is! My kids asked for a Taco Tuesday inspired keychain for their backpacks and El Taco Supremo was born. Mission a-corn-plished.

Amigurumi Fast Food Menu ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨

Looking for the finished toy?  Don’t four cheddar ’bout our Amigurumi Fast Food Menu, featuring El Taco Supremo, Burger Boom and Hot Diggity Dog as an amigurumi set (click here). They make super fantastico keychains, accessories, food themed decorations, Christmas ornaments or just hang the from your favorite bag.

FREE Patterns:

★ Scroll down for the free written pattern.

★ Download the FREE PDF with photo instructions.

★ Download from my Ravelry store: Suzy Dias Designs (click here).

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• Height & width: approx. 6 cm x 9.5 cm / 2.4” x 3.7”
• Hook: 3 mm (US C2, CAN/UK 11)
• Yarn: DK / Light Worsted Weight
• Yarn colors: Mustard yellow, red, green, brown
• Saftey eyes (6 mm) or small black buttons
• Needles for yarn and thread
• Yellow thread

Abbreviations:  R – Round, MR – magic ring, “around” – continue until the end of the round, ST/STS – stitch/stitches, SLST – slip stitch, SC – single crochet, DC – double crochet, INC – 2 single crochets (SC) in the same stitch, BLO – back loop only, F/O – fasten off

– Using mustard yellow or a similar color
1. MR, SC 6 (6)
2. INC around (12)
3. SC-BLO, INC around (18)
4. SC-BLO 2, INC around (24)
5. SC-BLO 3, INC around (30)
6. SC-BLO 4, INC around (36)
7. SC-BLO 5, INC around (42)
8. SC-BLO 6, INC around (48)
9. SC-BLO 7, INC around (54)
10. SC-BLO around (54)
– F/O and hide the tail

– Using green yarn
1. CH 25
2. Turn. Starting in the 2nd CH from hook, DC 3 in the same ST, then DC 2 in the next stitch. Continue to DC 3, DC 2 until the end of the CH.
– F/O and hide the tail. It will naturally curl as you crochet

– Using brown yarn, follow the same pattern as the lettuce
1. CH 25
2. Turn. Starting in the 2nd CH from hook, DC 3 in the same ST, then DC 2 in the next stitch. Repeat until the end of the CH.
– F/O and hide tail. It will naturally curl as you crochet

– Using a bright red
1. MR, SC 6 (6)
2. INC (12)
3. INC, SC 1 (18)
4. INC, SC 2 (24)
5. INC, SC 3 (30)
– F/O and hide the tail

– Using brown or black yarn
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
R2. INC around (12)
**R3. INC, SC 1 around (18) **This round is optional** For an extra big moustache, you can add one more round here.
R3 or R4. DC 1, then CH 3.
– F/O and leave a tail to sew the c to the taco shell, always hide your stitches on the inside.

– Use the backside of the moustache (not the front)
1. Fold the shell in half. Position both sides of the moustache so they are centered on the shell. Pin
them in place.
2. Sew the little tail from R4 (the CH 3) so that it turns up a bit.
3. Continue to sew all the way around the moustache.
4. Repeat with the other side.

Once the moustache is secured, add the eyes one round above.


– Add the ingredients in any order (as you wish). For this taco, I added lettuce, meat and then the tomatoes at the back.
– Use yellow thread to sew everything in place. Try to match the color to the taco shell.
1. Sew the lettuce to the front of the shell, then sew the meat to the lettuce.
2. Sew the tomatoes to the back of the shell.
3. Close the taco and sew both sides together, making sure to secure the ingredients inside.

– To turn your Taco Kawaii into a keychain, use a simple Lark’s Head Knot, commonly used for making jewelry and macrame.
1. Make a loop of any length and knot the end.
2. Use your crochet hook to pull it through the center of the taco. I looped it through the tomatoes and meat inside the taco shell (to hide this end), but you can also secure it to the outside of the shell.
3. Slip the knotted end through the loop and pull tight.

For detailed information, these sites may be helpful:
• Macrame – How to tie a larks head knot | Wool Couture (video)
• How to Tie a Lark’s Head Knot | Jennifer VanBenschoten (photo tutorial)

Here are a few videos for basic crochet techniques:
• Magic Ring for Crochet | June Gilbank
How to crochet a flat circle | Bella Coco
How to crochet in front loops and back loops only in a round | Happy Berry


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