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Monster Heads featuring Frankenstein ☆FREE Pattern☆


Crochet Frankenstein Monster Head!

This easy pattern is great for Halloween or any classic monster fan! Our lovable flat headed fiend was the very first Monster Head that I created. You can create your own little abomination and turn him into key chains, ornaments, bag charms, bunting, or sit this little undead head on your desk or dresser. He’s a charmer!

Crochet Frankenstein FREE Pattern by Suzy Dias. From Crochet Monster Heads!

Want the finished toy instead?

If you’re interested in buying the finished toy, the Crochet Monster Heads featuring 5 classic monsters are coming soon! Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, Wolf Man and a Zombie… AAAAAH! Click here to contact me.

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★NOTE: For instructions with photos, please download the free PDF.

• Height: 6 cm
• Hook: 3 mm
• Eyes: 8 mm safety buttons
• Colors: Green and black
• Yarn weight: light (US), DK (UK), or Light Worsted (any yarn that works with a 3 mm hook)
• Yarn Needle
• Embroidery floss: black

Abbreviations: R – Round, MR – magic ring, ST/STS – stitch/stitches, SC – single crochet, INC – 2 single crochets (SC) in the same stitch, SLST – slip stitch, SC-FLO – SC in the front loops only, SC-BLO – SC in the back loops only, SLST-FLO – slip stitch in the front loops only, the stitch count appears in parentheses “()” at the end of each round.

HEAD (green)
– Work from the bottom up
R1. MR, SC 6 across (6)
R2. INC across (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 across (18)
R4. INC, SC 2 across (24)
R5. SC-BLO across (24)
R6-10. SC across (24)
R11. INC, SC 3 across (30)
R12. SC 8, [INC, SC 1] x 7, SC 8 (36)
– The next row will create a brow bone
R13. SC 8, SLST-FLO 20, SC 8 (36)
R14. SC 9, SC-BLO 18, SC 9 (36)
R15. SC across (36)
– Switch to black to create the hair
R16. SC across (36)
– F/O and secure tail to the inside of the head with a couple of stitches so it’s not visible from the outside.

– Add 8 mm safety buttons btw R8-9 (or 4 rows below the brow bone), 5 visible sts apart
Using black embroidery floss…
– Add eyebrows 1 row above eyes, 2 sets across in a diagonal line
– Add a mouth 3 rows below eyes in a diagonal
– Add 3 scars: 1 above the brow bone, 1 to the left of the of his right eye (left eye facing you) and 1 at the back of his head. However, you can add as many as you like!
– Hide all ends inside of the head

TOP OF HEAD (black)
R1. MR, SC 6 across (6)
R2. INC across (12)
R3. INC, SC 1 across (18)
R4. INC, SC 2 across (24)
R5. INC, SC 3 across (30)
R6. INC, SC 4 across (36)
– F/O and leave long tail to sew this to the head.

– Using the tail from the TOP OF HEAD, sew about 75-80% of the way around and then stuff.
– When you’re near the end, add more stuffing to create a good rectangular shape.
– F/O and hide the end.

Et voilà! You’re all done.

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