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BOMB Kawaii Keychain ☆FREE Pattern☆


Super Simple Crochet Bomb Keychain 💣

This crochet bomb keychain is great for beginners. Adults and kids, boys and girls will love it! It will look dynamite on your backpack, purse, bag or anything you can think.

It’s just a ball, a grey circle and a tube. Add a few pieces of thread for the flame and some felt eyes and you’ve got yourself a cute little keychain.

Want the finished toy instead?

If you’re interested in buying the finished toy, click here to contact me.

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★ Scroll down for the free written pattern.

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★NOTE: For instructions with a few more photos, please download the free PDF.

• 3 mm hook
• Felt: white and black for the eyes
• Yarn: Black, grey and white
– Also red, orange and yellow bits of yarn to create a flame.
• Yarn and sewing needles
• Thread: black and white

BODY/HEAD (black)
1. MR, SC 6 (6)
2. INC (12)
3. INC, SC 1 (18)
4. INC, SC 2 (24)
5. INC, SC 3 (32)
6. INC, SC 4 (36)
7-12. SC around (36)
13. INVDEC, SC 4 (32)
14. INVDEC, SC 3 (24)
– Stuff partially
15. INVDEC, SC 2 (18)
16. INVDEC, SC 1 (12)
– Stuff the remainder
17. INVDEC (6)
– F/O and hide tail

1. MR, SC 6 (6)
2. INC (12)
3. INC, SC 1 (18)
4. BLO-SC around (18)
– SLST and leave a tail to sew to main body
– Stuff as you sew around

WICK (white)
R1. MR, SC 6 (6)
– Note: Do not close the hole from the MR tightly. The flame will go through here.
R2. BLO-SC around  (6)
R3-4. SC around (6)
– This creates a tube with an open bottom
– SLST, F/O and leave a tail to sew to the grey top


1. Take red, orange and yellow yarn (or red and yellow like I did in the photo)
2. Cut pieces of each color about 20 cm long (3 for each color for a total of 9 pieces)
3. Line up the pieces end to end and fold them in half
4. Tie a tight knot where the fold is (the loose ends are at the top)

– Take the flame that you already knotted and feed the loose ends through a yarn needle.
– Pull the needle up the inside of the Wick and out through the MR hole at the top. The loose ends should stick out of the top of the wick and the knot should be hidden inside and holding the flame
securly in place.

– Sew the wick/flame to the top center of the
“Grey Top”
– Sew the “Grey Top”a little more than half way around
– Stuff the “Grey Top”
– Finish sewing the wick rest of the way around
– Secure yarn on the inside, F/O and hide end

– Use paper to determine the right size for the eyes. Once you find the appropriate size draw ovals and cut them out. Use this as a template for the felt.
**Note: The eyes shown are about 4 stitches across and 6 stitches tall
– Cut out 2 white ovals and 2 smaller black ovals
– Using black thread and a sewing needle, sew 1 black oval to each white oval
– Using white thread and a sewing needle, sew the eyes onto the black head


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